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A better way to create and share information

Unlock the full potential of information by harnessing the formats that consumers love. From captivating videos and engaging podcasts to compelling on-site presentations, our platform empowers you to create any type of content effortlessly.

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Why News & Media Organizations Love Texo

Transform audio experiences into immersive written news

Embark on a transformative journey to captivate audiences like never before. Leverage the power of cutting-edge AI technology to help generate headlines, questions, key themes, and important quotes. Promote your copy with customized social media posts and hashtags to send your best content into the world. Store your work in-platform to review, edit, and save your most important moments.

Seamless integration for maximum reach

Texo’s user-friendly platform integrates existing workflows with popular platforms, social media channels, and editing software. Effortlessly distribute your content across various mediums and expand your reach to new audiences far and wide.

Personalized audience-facing content

Texo’s AI technology takes existing content and transforms it into personalized promotional material catered to your target audience. Interact with a custom ChatBot to extract rich content and create several pieces of publish-ready articles, blogs, and social media posts in just a few minutes. Drive engagement through quickly-generated, rich-result qualifying FAQs and AI-suggested external article links to any page.

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